Cook fitness soup

Cook fitness soup

Broth Recipe

Recipe difficulty: 🥕🥕

3/5 lb (300 gr) sirloin beef meat (better with the bone)
1 onion
1 carrot
some fresh vegetables and herbs - pepper, tomato, broccoli (if you want)
1 tsp salt, pepper
1 boiled egg

⏳ cooking time - 2 h

💬 Note: Try to add some sliced meat from broth to the soup. And you will get an excellent nourishing dish. For presentation and serving put a green dill or parsley on top.

Fitness soup

1. Wash meat under the cold water properly.
2. Put meat into the deep bowl with cold water - 67 fl oz(2 L). Cook on the medium heat.
3. Note, when it starts to appear a scum you should start to remove it with table spoon. Add some salt and pepper. Put a carrot and onion with out the peel. And do not forget to remove scum all the time.
4. When the scum will not appear anymore cook about 40-60min with half covered bowl. Time of cooking depends on the size of the meat. In our case - 10 oz (300 gr) of meat requires 60 min of cooking. Remove and do not use cooked carrot and onion. When broth will be almost ready you can add some vegetables.
5. Cut on halves boiled egg. Pour in the plate some broth and add a half of the egg. The dish is ready.
Broth with boiled egg

Monday, July 22, 2024

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