Crabmeat salad at home

Crabmeat salad at home

Crabmeat Salad Recipe

Recipe difficulty: 🥕🥕

7oz (200g) long-grain rice
1 pack crabmeat sticks
4 not very big cucumbers
1 sweet pepper
1 stem celery
1 can of preserved corn
5 sticks dill
juice from 1/4 of lemon
1 tsp salt

⏳ cooking time - 30 min

💬 Note: This recipe of a salad may be a good starter. Try different toppings (instead of lemon juice use olive oil for example). Also it can be served with taco bread.

Salad with crabmeat and rice

1. Boil rice and cool it.
2. Wash vegetables under the cold water. Cut cucumbers, celery, and sweet pepper (finely chopped).
3. Add crabmeat sticks that must be finely chopped too.
4. Mix all ingredients (rice, cucumbers, corn, sweet pepper, celery, salt and crabmeat). Add lemon juice. Serve with dill (if you like).
Crabmeat served

Monday, June 17, 2024

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