How to cook granola yoghurt

How to cook granola yoghurt

Granola Yogurt Recipe

Recipe difficulty: 🥕

0,88 lb(400 g) white yogurt
0,33 lb (150 g) granola
0,33 lb (150 g) fresh fruits
4 tbsp fav jam or honey
2 cookies for decoration

⏳ cooking time - 10 min

💬 Note: There are a lot of variations in preparing granola yogurt. Main idea is to alternate different layers and mix the tastes to create fusion that will become your favorite. Experiment with different fruits and berries. As an idea - try to use banana, apple, peach or blueberries (as on the photo)

Granola yogurt for breakfast

1. Prepare 2 glasses (better transparent) to serve granola yogurt
2. Lay 1 tbsp of jam or honey at the bottom of each glass
3. Spread another layer of white yogurt
4. Fill accurately granola as a layer
5. Spread second layer of white yogurt
6. Sprinkle berries or fruits on top of the glasses (pre-wash fruits before eating)
7. Decorate with cookies
served granola yougurt

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