Pasta with pesto sauce

Pasta with pesto sauce

Pasta With Pesto Recipe

Recipe difficulty: 🥕🥕

0.66 lb (300 g) pasta
0.33 lb (150 g) cherry tomatoes
3 tsp pesto sauce
1 tsp salt

⏳ cooking time - 20 min

💬 Note: Sometimes you need to serve the meal really quickly and this recipe of pasta with pesto exactly for this occasion. All ingredients are very simple. Also you can add some fried eggs or experiment with greens!

Easy pasta with pesto sauce recipe

1. Boil pasta in salted boiling water (time of pasta cooking usually is written on the pack - about 8 min)
2. Wash under the cold water tomatoes
3. On a heated up fry pan lay tomatoes and 1 tsp of pesto. Fry a little (3 min)
Fry cherry tomatoes
4. Add to the pan pasta and the rest of pesto sauce, mix well and fry for 5-8 min more
Fry mixed pasta with tomatoes and pesto sauce
5. Serve immediately
Served pasta with pesto and cherry tomatoes

Monday, February 6, 2023

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